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Guns of the Magnificent Seven

, , dakika
Yönetmen: Paul Wendkos

Puanı: 7,8/10 Toplam 12568 oylama

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The Magnificent Seven ride again in this "fast-moving follow-up" (Variety) to one of the greatest western sagas in film history. Academy Award winner George Kennedy (Cool Hand Luke) and Oscar nominee James Whitmore (The Shawshank Redemption) take up the reins for a bold, sweeping adventure that pists seven legendary heroes against an entire army.

When Mexican dictator Diaz's forces capture a passionate young revolutionary (Fernando Rey), the prisoner's chief lieutenant offers a niotorious desperado (George Kennedy) a huge reward to break him free and restore hope to the country's citizens. But first, the infamous mercenary will need to gather his team of frontier warriors, which includes the west's most daring gunslingers and demolition experts. Together they'll embark on the adventure of their lives - and discover a cause worth even more than a fortune in gold.

Building to an explosive final battle that sets the screen ablaze with blistering action, breathtaking suspense and riveting confrontations, Guns of the Magnificent Seven delivers nonstop western excitement.

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James Whitmore
Levi Morgan

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